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XMAS Nandos - 21st Dec
Yesterday's Interclub.....
mma on the tinter web
Fulinkazan Awards 2010
$40 16oz Gloves
Interclub rules
what video game character are you
Attn Spenna:- Interclub Form
Fighters wanted Leeds - 20th Feb 2010
Fulinkazan fights this weekend
Fulinkazan Questionnaire
Open mat Sunday 6th - Invitation only
Fulinkazan Blog and Twitter
Thanks guys
Extra training - Week starting 9th Nov
Sunday - Team Fight Train at Kings
Sparring partners wanted
Volunteers for Interclub 13th Dec 2009-11-03
Caged Steel
Extra training this weekend ?
Attn. New Forum People
Grappling @ 4:30 today
Attn Fighters - Upcoming Fights and Extra Training
Blog hate mail
Minibus - Total Combat 32 - 21st November 2009
Strike & Submit Minibus 4th Oct
New Fulinkazan Clothing
Saturday Training Kings Gym 5:00 - 6:30
The Ultimate Fighter 10
Victor Estima Seminar sunday 26th april
X guard seminar @ CB Bolton with Darren C
Combat Base Bolton
Couple of vids from YA Seminar (6th May 2007)
sprawl academy
next night out
Congrats Helen new bjj black belt
New Brown Belt @ Combat Base
Combat Base Doncaster Timetable
Sundays YA Seminar at Doncaster
I got taken out...
Should I grow a moustache?
music carerer of a martial arts legend!
Im out of Ultimate Force 4 (Saturday)
Open Mat 17th Sept?
A twat or not a twat?
A no "Brads" forum?
New photos from fighting chance
Y.A. seminar
Who got owned?
Fighting Chance's new website
Can I make Brad Cry?
Tom Churchill out of Ultimate Force
Yorkshire Alliance upcoming fights
Ian wins pro debut
Photos from YA seminar
Next fights
Pride & Glory - Results
Cagewarriors Quest
Ian Rush in Fighter's Only
Fighters only article
Sunday Roll?
Fighting chance photos
Darren Currie - Workshop 8th Oct
Where Fighting Chance is...
Fighting Chance at Total Combat - 29/10/05
Can I be a moderator?
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