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Xmas opening times ?
Scandinavian Open 2009 - one man's journey
BJJ class tonight
New black belt at Combat Base UK!!!
Chris Haeuter interview in July Fighters
Anybody want to get ITV HD on Sky HD ?
Tim Sylvia vs Ray Mercer
What nights does Britney train ?
For those who've mastered the flying armbar/triangle
Open Guard Sweep
The many moods of Fedor....
Came accross these, thought i'd share!!
Vicotr Estima Seminar sun 26th april
Cya in 2 weeks
Updated my blog
Ryan's Judo Grading Videos
Shameless plug!
New home for Combat Base Bolton!
GSP vs Jason Miller: Turbo
bas jones vs bas rutten
Tai Chi Fight
UMA British Open Junior Gi/No Gi Championship 25/1
Can somebody get me J Sho's email address ?
Timetable for group training on Sunday at Caged Steel
Combat Base Group Training Day - details
Merry Christmas
Greetings from Sunny Jordan!
The Spaz guard (Not Andy's)
Combat Base open mat/training day January 18th
New BJJ Blue Belt @MFF Fighters
Well Done Andy
One of the best, most functional instructionals ever
Haueter Seminars
Interclub report at OTM!!
Haueter's Seminar Schedule
Interested in starting
Only 1 more week to Haueter
Inter Club Results
Photos from the Interclub
Inter Club @ CS this Sunday
Haueter just confirmed
CB Bolton - new home!
2 Champions!!!
interesting bjj moves
Congrats to Pete Hill
UMA event - YT clips
UMA/FILA event today!
New Warm Up Drills
New Home Page
Combat Base Inter Club Championships
Are we training Bank Holiday Monday ?
Chris Hauter video
New Combat Base World Champion
neck cranks
BJJ session for the UMA!
Triangle clinic - a few pix
No Training Sunday
Combat Base Bolton - new training times!
How did our lads get on in the interclub yesterday?!
Up in smoke!!
Danny's Class at CS
BJJ this Sunday?
Congrats to Danny
TV interview
Andy, go play f'king badminton
Affliction : Banned is on Bravo
BJJ class @ Caged Steel tonight
Dog riding a bicycle
Awesome BJJ Documentary
Updated the web site a little
New blue belt at CB Bolton!
FILA referee's course Saturday July 12th
Book recommendations
Danny wins big at ADCC UK
Sunday's Jiu Jitsu
Combat Base kids grappling comp June 22nd - results
Caged Steel Thursday night!
Facebook group
Simpsons MMA
I would like to train
OWNED at Mundials
Scandinavian Open 25-26th October 2008
Combat Base kids grappling comp June 22nd!
New boxing coach at CB Bolton!
I want to do some training this gym!!!
AMA National Groundfighting Championships 8th June
10 Signs That You've Grappled Too Much
My Fourth Semi Pro Fight!
Updated my blog
Eddie Kone gets his black belt!
New Grades at Combat Base Pontefract
Eddie Bravo attacked by guy off the street
North of England Grappling Championships
UMA report @ Lockflow & OTM
Combat Base at UMA Grappling Event!
Double KO
10,000 + hits on YT!
Good Luck to everyone whos competing on Sunday!!
Desert Head @ Caged Steel!
Ultimate Force - Sat 3rd May
UMA rules - a few tweaks
UMA no gi comp Sunday 18th May
Happy birthday Darren Currie!
Side control pt 1 @ Caged Steel!
Eddie Kone @ CB Bolton and report
The Kirbys - Pan Am Champs again
Updated the web site
Good luck to Leo & Matt
Eddie Kone this Sunday @ Bolton
IMPACT 2 @ Gateshead Easter Sunday
Chris Haeuter YT clip
Chris H report @
Combat Base Doncaster New Site
Chris Haeuter @ Combat Base Pontefract last night
Darren C @ OTM
Darren and Helen Currie on - again!
News from the Middle East
U know what they say about size...............
Deconstructing Marcelinho
google help please
Eddie Kone @ Combat Base Bolton 30th March
Three times in one week!!
Attack the back seminar - report on OTM
Darren and Helen on
DVD review
Gladiator magazine - March issue!
YT clip of Caged Steel
Caged Steel report and pix gallery
How to defend a single leg
Marcelo clip
FAO Foggy - Firefox
Attack the back seminar - pix
See you deadbeats tonight!!
YT clip on
Starting a new class
Cut out the middle man!
MMA Demotivators
New Avatar
Darren Currie x guard seminar pix
X guard seminar report
New Affliction Brock Lesnar t-shirt
All my UFC 80 pix
Thank you Darren and Helen Currie!
My fight with Lee Wedgewood @ Ultimate Force
X guard seminar @ CB Bolton with Darren C
John Will BJJ seminar hosted by Combat Base - May 4th
Poor Leo
Ultimate Force last night
girl vs guy mma in Brazil of course!!!
Combat Base Bolton
Updated Leo's Page
EDDIE BRAVO SEMINAR Northumberland 19th JAN 2008
Gym closure over Crimbo
My avatar...
New Belt Promotions
New Chuck Liddell Advert
FAO Anyone who ever trained with me
EliteXC fights
Woo hoo I won the raffle
Matt Hughes interview
My new guitar
Andy, there's someone at the door
Danny wins again
Do not click on this link
Leave Fedor Alone !!!!
Randy Couture Resigns
New Brown Belt at Combat Base Pontefract
Leo's guard passing strategy
Leeds Mixed Fight Night
Attn Mr Three Bottles of Corona make me sick
Bad News...
Interview Times
My new avatar
The Count's fight
How to clean the inside of your monitor.
My Review of latest UFC
Dana negociating with Fedor.
Me vs Craig Ford
2 UFC 74 Undercard fight Vids
GCSE Results :D
Add your ranks @ OTM
Tag Team Submission Wrestling
A new game
Well done Pete!!!!!
Combat magazine
Photos from Haueter seminar
Sean Sherks Dog
Tapout gear in stock
Fighters August edition - out this week!
Hows the hangover?
Ultimate Force Results
Uninvited Video
Homer Simpson quotes
Is competitive bodybuilding fixed?
Rob's Match at SENI
Leo interview On The Mat
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